We provide on-demand delivery of prescriptions and medical supplies to medical centers.

Our solutions 

By utilizing Skylinx automated workflow solution, medical centers can provide healthcare services more accessible and convenient for its patients.

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Food Deliveries

Skylinx deliver food from restaurants to target points locations.



Skylinx provide drone security services to organizations and consumers

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Skylinx provide drone integrated solutions for municipalities. The solutions include:

  • Identify trash placed in public areas

  • Lifeguard monitoring support

  • Security drone services

  • Dogs/Cats without supervision

  • Monitoring of city properties

  • And more...

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Business to Consumer (B2C) Solutions

Skylinx provide various types of B2C solutions.

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Consumers Solutions

Need to know what happens now at a specific location?

Want to know if the beach area is crowded?

We can provide you different types of drones information.

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